This is Pentane in the liquid state. Its clear, and colorless just like water.

General Info

Name: Pentane
IUPAC Name: n-Pentane isomer
This is a nice bottle of n-Pentane

Formula: C5H12
Molar Mass: 72.15 g/mol

Melting Point: −129.8 °C (143 K)
Boiling Point: 36.1 °C (308 K)
Density at 20 C: 626.20 kg/cu.m
Density at 25 C: 624.82 kg/cu.m

Percent Composition by Mass:
16.765% of Hydrogen
83.235% of Carbon

Percent Position by Number:
29.41176471% of Carbon
70.58823529% of Hydrogen

Type of Bonding:
All bonds are single bonds/covalent bonds, between carbons and hydrogens.

Clear substance

Chemical Properties

Pentane is highly flammable, below is the combustion formula with pentane and oxygen to make carbon dioxide and water.

C5H12 + 8 O2 → 5 CO2 + 6 H2O

Also pentane will react with other hydrocarbons, and undergo free radical chlorination like the one below.

C5H12 + Cl2 → C5H11Cl + HCl

Where Can You Find Pentane?

Pentane is a naturally occurring compound, that can be found in crude oil and natural gases. You can obtain pentane by burning the crude oil, and letting the pentane gas evaporate out, or by separating the pentane from the oil in its liquid form by distilling it in an oil rig. This is done by taking crude oil and creating petroleum. After creating the petroleum you then can use it to create the petrol fuel out of the pentane based part. They also add additives to the fuel to create it. Can be found in Canada,The USA, the

Middle East, and some Asian countries.

The darker the blue, the more oil can be found in that area, and pentane.


Industrial Uses
This cup is made of polystyrene foam.

Pentane is primarily used as a petrol fuel. Petrol fuel is gasoline, which mainly powers automobiles. Pentane is also used to create a blowing agent. This blowing agent creates a foam called polystyrene foam. Polystyrene foam is used to make installation materials for refrigerators,construction, and heating pipes. Also the polystyrene foam is used to make packaging for construction and disposable bowls, cups, etc. Pentane is also used in geothermal power stations, because of its low boiling point and its also cheap and safe to use
Lab Uses
Pentane is used as a solvent for non-polar and alkyl-rich compounds in laboratories. Pentane is used as a solvent for non-polar and alkyl-rich compounds because pentane is a non-polar organic compound. But pentane is mainly used in laboratories because pentane is cheap to buy and at room temperature pentane is in a liquid form. Making it easier to use, as a solvent.


Pentane is a substance found in crude oil. Crude oil was discovered thousands of years ago and experts think the people living in the Middle Eastern countries discovered it. They think this because the crude oil would seep out of the ground and appear, and since the Middle East is such a great oil reserve they assumed someone therepetroleum_oil_wells_baku_casp_hi.jpg would find this oil before anyone else. There is also a good chance they discovered pentane as well.

Crude oil is used to make many different oils like kerosene, butane and petrol fuel. Petrol fuel is the fuel created with pentane. During the time of the Industrial Revolution they needed petrol fuel to power motor vehicles and other machines that ran on the fuel. So they would distill the crude oil in an oil rig and create this petrol fuel from pentane. The fuel would power these vehicles and machines, and allow them to work and to this day we still use pentane to fuel some vehicles in the petrol fuel form.

3-D Model

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Pentane is extremely flammable, so be very careful while using it around fire. You wouldn't want to catch something on fire or yourself. And Mild skin or eye irritation may occur following contact with liquid pentane, which should be treated before something worse happens.