Organic Compounds of Interest Project

Create a wiki entry for an organic molecule of your choice. Use a variety of hard copy and multimedia resources to research your molecule.

Use MLA style citations with working links for web resources.

Please note: You will need to install a copy of the MDL Chime plug-in to view the 3D structures.
Chime does not work with OSX, sorry Mac users. You will need to download and install iMol.

Search for license free images


Inserting a Chime file

For Windows:

  1. Install the MDL Chime plug-in
  2. Download a Chime file (.pdb)
  3. Upload your file
  4. Add Widget, Other HTML
  5. Paste in the following code: (be sure to change the "yourfilename.pdb" part to your actual file name)

<embed src="" align="baseline" border="2" width="160" height="160" display3d="ball&amp;stick" options3d="specular" startspin="true" spiny="180" spinz="180" color3d="cpk" />

For Mac:

  1. Upload your .pdb or .mol file and add to your page as an attachment.
  2. Direct users to save the file and open with iMol.

Example: (Mac users please save this file and open with iMol.)

Adding subscript text

Use the "Embed widget" button
then "Other HTML" to use the <sub></sub> html code
example: use
to make H2O

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