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From the email describing the event:

Good morning from Slovenia,

Thank you for your announcement in as interactive site in our Megaconference session about caves. We are secondary school in Slovenia, Europe. Our students are 17 yrs old and they study economy. They will graduate after 2 yrs (19 yrs old) and after graduation they will start with study on the university.
In our short description about video-conference theme you can see that we will talk about caves and living in the karst caves during the video-conference. In Slovenia we have more than 8500 caves but only a few of them is prepared for tourist visit. World index of caves reported more than 160 caves in US and we expect from your site to present one or two most important caves to us and other participants of MegaconferenceJr.

Date: 2/25/2010

Time: 7am

Place: Chorus room

Technology available:

You should be able to show pictures and video and use programs such as PowerPoint

The students in class Wed 2/24 have created a google presentation. Email Justin if you need access to the presentation.

Your presentation should be 10-15 minutes long.

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Important caves

Marengo Cave - Marengo, IN

Marengo Cave was discovered September 6, 1883.
One of only four show caves in Indiana, public tours of the cave have been given since 1883.
There is almost 5 miles of known passageway to date at Marengo Cave, making it one of the longest caves in Indiana.

Mammoth Cave - Brownsville, KY

With a confirmed 365 miles of passageways it is by far the world's longest known cave system
The park was established as a national park on July 1, 1941.

Cave of the Mounds - Blue Mounds, WI

Constantly 50 degrees F
Open Year-round
Various Scouting activities
Referred to as the "jewel box" for the delicacy of formations
Over 400 million years old
Formed by water from an underground stream
Named after the Blue Mounds
Ebenezer Brigham began exploring it
In 1940 it became a tourist attraction

Mining of Iron ore
In Pittsburgh Iron Ore was used to produce steel. Pittsburgh was a major steel industry. USS was the first billion dollar corporation. The corporation was started by Andrew Carnegie in 1901. Today it has expanded internationally for the first time by purchasing operations in Slovakia and Serbia.

Don't forget Mammoth cave! -Mr. Bogue