By: Kierra


Other Names

  • Propan-2-one
  • Dimethyl ketone
  • Propanone
  • Dimethyl formaldehyde

Physical Propeties

  • Molar Mass: 58.08g mol-1
  • Melting Point:-139º F
  • Boiling Point: 132.8º F
  • Density: 790 kg/m3

Chemical Properties

  • Mixed with air as a gas, it's a fire hazard.
  • It can form peroxides which can explode.
  • Can dissolve plastic, glasses, and jewelery.
  • Reacts with iron and steel when there's moisture involved.


Dr. Richard Wolffenstein discovered acetone peroxide in 1895. He reacted acetone with hydrogen peroxide. He was the first chemist to use acids as inorganic catalysts.
Joseph Lister discovered acetone as the first antiseptic.




Acetone is a ketone, which means it has a carbonyl in it. Most people are used to acetone as a clear and colorless liquid, but in it's solid state it actually looks like snow. Acetone's main use is to act as a solvent. A solvent helps things dissolve and it does this with things like plastics and synthetic fibers. It is present in blood and urine. People with diabetes produce more acetone than their body needs and pregnant or nursing women also have more of it in their bodies. Acetone is also used when the body breaks down fat. In nature, it is found in plants, trees, gas from volcanoes, and forest fires. Exhaust from trucks and cars and cigarette smoke contain acetone as well. Acetone can be natural or man made and it can be produced directly or indirectly from propylene. It is used to produce methyl methacrylate and bishpenol A. Most of it's common uses are for cleaning purposes, nail polish remover, paint thinner, degreaser, acne treatments, and adhesive removers.

3-D Model

  1. Click the "download" link.
  2. Select the "Open with" option and click on choose.
  3. Find iMol on your computer and then click open.
  4. When that goes away, click okay.
  5. View acetone in 3-D! (:

Weird Facts

  • Acetone is florescent under UV light.
  • When acetone is mixed with cocaine it makes a "nice" paper mache type material.



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